For both the Stage 1 and 2 of this project, Destination Trails was responsible for creating the inclusive, “Easy” (Class 2 – 3 or Green Circle) trails. As per the Destination Trails trail network design, some of these trails were shared use while others were single use, one way trails for bikes only. We took great pride in developing these trails for novice riders and the local community.

We delivered inclusive flow that everyone can enjoy to the doorstep of Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

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Sharing images of the journey

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to roll out repairs and upgrades on one of our signature trails "Easy As" at O'Halloran Hill RP (Glenthorne NP).Thanks @nationalparkssa for having us again!It has been a blessing to adjust some of our original ideas that did not work and make changes based on modern use. As well as this, it means that this trail can still be rated Green Circle with Blue Square features! Yay!Should be good today but we may need to close it off again tonight!Cheers#EasyAsTheTrail #radelaideurbanbikepark (could be!)
Last week we were able to provide some bonus services for @nationalparkssa by cleaning out some grade reversals (low points / drains) on GromFlow at O'Halloran Hill / Glenthorne NP. As a result, the trail will be running that bit sweeter today and should perform better during the winter months.Big thanks to the vollies who have kept this place ticking along since 2017 and before! You folks are a bunch of dead set legends!#gromflowthetrail #radelaideurbanbikepark
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Wirrabara Forest Trail
This project involved the design and construction of a new, inclusive shared use loop, with a “cloverleaf” design, that exhibits the natu...
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Tara Illa Mountain Bike Park
Tara Illa Bike Park – Hahndorf SA
Essentially this project was intended to develop a series of community trails and bike specific facilities for local residents particular...
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Cypress Hill
Kinchina CP (Cypress Hill The Trail)
This new trail link creates a loop which is intended to provide inclusive recreational trail experiences for local residents of the Murra...
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