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Specialising in creating trails for all ages and abilities, Destination Trails is an expert in delivering sustainable trails that ‘create journeys into nature’.

Destination Trails ensures trails are low impact and low maintenance, helping land managers achieve sustainability on all levels, We are dedicated to employing techniques that represent international best practice in trail provision, including but not exclusive to the Australian Walking Trail Standards (AS2156.1 and AS2156.2) as well as the principles of trail design and development as outlined by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and AusCycling.
With our grounded and sensitive approach to trails, we can give communities and government agencies the tools and facilities they need to create recognised Destination Trails to attract tourism or regional assets that can drive regular physical activity.

“For us at Destination Trails,
it’s about the Journey.
Allowing people to be in the moment, in nature and loving it!”

~ Nicolas Bowman, Director.

fresh mountain bike trail ready for riding.

Nicolas Bowman - Director Destination Trails

Nicolas Bowman – Director

Bachelor of Applied Science in Conservation and Park Management (1998). University of SA
Cert 2: Conservation and Land Management (2005). Greening Australia
Certificate in Permaculture Design (2022). Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farm

Trails are his lifeblood! Nick has been involved in trails since the heady days when volunteers did all the work, both on the ground and on paper. Back then we all did it just for the love of it. Now with the trails industry booming in Australia and across the world, it can be said that Nick played an instrumental role in establishing the foundations of the professional trail industry in Australia. Essentially, Nick has worked a professional capacity to develop sustainable recreational trails since January 2002. This includes experience in all levels of negotiation, consultation, design and planning, from the shovel to the boardroom. While much of this work was carried out in South Australia, Nick has provided trails training, ongoing support and guidance as well as trail maintenance and construction services in all Australian States and Territories.

Between 2009 and 2014, Nick was an industry leader in establishing and then managing the International Mountain Bicycling Association(IMBA) in Australia as National Director, which delivered significant benefits tomountain bike riders and land managers across the country. After that Nick returned to the bush to follow his to his true passion of trail design and construction without distraction. Back in his natural habitat designing and building trails, Nick was lucky enough to work with World Trail (2014 – 2015) to help create sweet trails in Atherton (Qld) and Derby (Blue Derby, Tas).

For the last 8 years, Nick has created his own brand for trail consultancy, design and construction, Destination Trails Pty Ltd. As a dedicated disciple of the IMBA trail development model and trail difficulty ratings, Nick is very keen to use this knowledge and passion to promote long lasting, quality trails that provide unique trail experiences in Australian landscapes!

Put simply,

“Destination Trails;
creating journeys into nature!”